Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Those dark storm clouds pass,
Life's trial fires will not last,
Heavens will soon bright to blue
When Jesus rescues you.

Hold strong the faith every day,
Believe in God's divine way,
Jesus is your redeeming friend,
On his mercy you can depend.

Christ will shelter you through
When all else forsakes you,
When trying troubles overbear
Kneel to The Savior in prayer.

Let Christ be your saving light,
A beacon fire in the black night,
A bridge over wild tempest seas,
He will soothe and give you ease.

While life's seas toss and churn
God's holy light forever burns
Steering the flock to safe shore
Where there is sorrows no more.

Give your worries over in prayer
All your frets, trials and cares,
You're a child of the King of Kings
With the grace and glory it brings.

Have faith that God's love is there
And His love is beyond compare,
His arms are waiting too embrace,
To put a smile on that scowling face.

God's light of hope eternally flames
When in prayer you speak His name,
Your heartaches will soon disappear
When you ask God to hold you near.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 01-25-04

Song title: "Lamb Of God"

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