Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors


I strayed off a walk of purity
Snubbing the immortal deity,
I gave evil Satan full control,
I was about to lose my soul.

I took God out of my heart
And let Satan play His part,
I became a worldly quitter
And life turned cruelly bitter.

Quitting God was a mortal error,
Living became filled with terror,
Sorrow greeted me all my days
Once I gave up Christian ways.

Troubles threw me hard down,
Bad bothers were all around,
Hellish nettles tangled my path
I was stung by Satan's wrath.

I turned my sad face to the sky
And like a lost baby about to cry
I prayed God back into my heart,
His loving forgiveness to impart.

I prayed long for His intervention
Seeking mercy and redemption,
I ask The Son Jesus for salvation
Before His Father of all creation.

With my true friend I knelt to talk
With Lord Jesus I went to walk,
Now basking in His bright light
My life is no longer full of fright.

Once I was sinking deep into sin
But God reached to touch within,
My saved soul is now purest clean,
His great love like none I've seen.

Thank you my heavenly Father,
Sorry your child was a bother,
You rescued my soul from Hell
And broke Beelzebub's vile spell.

I am forever now a Lamb of God
As life's pathway I merrily trod,
Always jubilant in His holy grace,
I will triumph life's final race.

And when my time here is through
Lord Jesus fly me home with you,
On grand angel wings snow-white
Let my ageless spirit take flight.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 01-23-04

Song title: "Me And Jesus"

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