Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I have told them all goodbye
In sorrow I heard them cry,
They ring my bed and pray,
For I am leaving today.

At last passing time is near
God's angel voices I hear
Softly whispering my name,
It is for me they came.

Holy Redeemer take me home
For I have suffered so long,
Gently touch my fevered brow
Let the ease of death come now.

Tenderly hold me to your breast
As I receive my eternal rest
Then let me soar to Heaven's door
To dwell in your love forevermore.

My life has been long and hard,
My brittle heart but a shard,
My body is weak and sick within
Dear God let my journey begin.

Eagerly I lie waiting unafraid
Lord you forgave as I prayed
My pathway to Heaven is laid,
Take me as heartbeats fade.

Now my midnight hour is here,
God in your love I have no fear,
Precious angels of my twilight
Lift me to the far bright light.

Bear me away on snow-white wings
Beyond stars to The King of Kings,
Carry me away to my eternal home
And the peace awaited for so long.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 01-06-04

Song title: "Create In Me A Clean Heart"

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