Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Satan's Offer

I am the Devil and I revel
In the taking of souls,
At my evil you will marvel
As my powers you behold.

I am always there for you
To change all you say or do,
I offer the pleasures of sin
If you will invite me in.

A profane worldly life I offer
As heartaches you suffer,
I'll give to you wine and song
As you lose all that belonged.

You will learn to cheat, steal and lie
While being so happy you'll wish to die,
Sensual pleasures of the flesh I bring
As your spouse gives back the ring.

I will teach you all to say and do
As friends and family abandon you.
To pay your way I'll teach you to rob
As you lie awake at night and sob.

A lifetime of sin you will enjoy
As you become my puppet toy,
I offer all the pleasures of Hell
As they lock you in your cell.

Never mind God's threats so dire
When I can offer infernal hellfire,
Forget God's promise of salvation,
I offer you eternal damnation.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 01-19-04

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