Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Jesus loves us, there's no doubt
He is our safe pathway out,
No matter how dark life gets to be
He will light a way for us to see.

When we feel there is just no way
To struggle through another day
And our world is clouded and gray
We must turn to Jesus and pray.

As problems of life get us down,
The worry and troubles abound
And the glimpses of hope are few,
The Lord will lead us through.

Sometimes we lie sleepless in bed
And let concerns fill our head
We should give them to Him instead,
Jesus will ease away our dread.

When burdens lie heavy of shoulder
And the world could seem no colder
Never fret over what we should do,
Jesus will give life a happier view.

He is comfort and hope for us all,
Jesus will raise us when we fall,
Have faith in The Father above
We are His children, His love.

Trust Jesus in our hour of need,
Heartfelt prayers He will heed
As life becomes all wrong turns
Jesus will relieve our concerns.

This fragile world keeps changing,
Our lives constantly rearranging
But one thing remains reliably true,
Jesus will eternally love you.

©Written by: Kenneth Ellison 11-16-05

Song title: "Who At My Door Is Knocking?"

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