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Bound For Glory Angels

Bound For Glory

You can almost hear angels singing
And Heaven's bells clearly ringing
Heralding a great journey is near,
One that takes us home from here.

Somewhere on God's celestial shore
Is our Eden beyond Heaven's door,
Somewhere through the pearly-gate
Waits our gleaming heavenly estate.

Between stars among billowy clouds
Winged angels chorus cheerily aloud,
Floating on gossamer wisps of white,
Harping within God's brilliant light.

Someday we'll join that angel choir,
What great joy the beckoning hour,
When whisked away on a final quest
To discover our home of eternal rest.

Delivered to glory on snow-white wings
To claim our seat by the King of Kings,
We'll dwell forever among God's throng
When Gabriel's trump sounds us home.

We'll rejoice in blissful triumph one day
And shed earthly shackles to fly away,
Some glad day Jesus will hold our hand
And take His flock to the Promised-land.

There will be rapture as yet unknown,
An unspeakable joy as we travel home,
Jesus will shepherd us someday soon,
Home to The Father beyond the moon.

Past the star filled vastness of space
In Paradise there is a meeting place
Where we will gather on golden shore
To dwell with our Savior forevermore.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 12-1-03

Song title: "Open Our Eyes"

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