Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors
Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Lost Faith

I have been drifting for so long
I no longer know where I belong,
Lost as a leaf blown by gale wind,
I am uncertain of my journeys end.

Life's sinful pleasures I've tasted
Until by the wayside I lie wasted,
I no longer hear my Savior's voice
Whispering the righteous choice.

The emptiness inside me grows
With each dark sin I've chose,
Guilt and sorrow muddle my mind,
Depression is so deeply unkind.

This being that resides inside me
Is not the person I wanted to be,
There is no want to live each day,
Somewhere I've lost my way.

Now as I think back to yesteryear
Reasons for my emptiness clear,
I had removed God from my heart
Allowing Satan his taloned start.

Decades my own bitterness I tasted
God's love I shunned and wasted,
Forgetting God has Heaven's key
And the only redemption for me.

Along the road of sin I've traveled
Until my life has cruelly unraveled
But He will mend making me whole,
Father above will restore my soul.

God is the pillar of strength I need
And forgiveness in prayer I plead,
I know in His love He will forgive
And In His grace I will forever live.

©Written by Kenneth J. Ellison 12-22-03

Song title: "Without Him"

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