Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I'm thinking today of that hill far away
And what a price Christ suffered to pay,
Alone but for two He bled for me and you
Oh! What pain our Savior braved through.

Impaled with nails all battered and worn,
Over His brow a blooded crown of thorns,
Whipped, cursed and spat upon Jesus knew
His pain was for the cleansing of me and you.

Blood from His pierced brow covered His lips
His spiked feet were spattered red from drips,
A thrust by a spear gashed a wound in His side
And as young Jesus hung dying, angels cried.

At last Jesus closed weary eyes and perished
And forever His precious blood is cherished,
Washed pure by the lamb's blood forevermore
We stand looking skyward for Heaven's door.

Jesus rose to His Father through stormy skies
And arose from the tomb before stunned eyes
Then ascended to that shinning city by the sea
And some glad day He'll return for you and me.

Between a Father and Son and the sacrifice of one
We were graced and our place in Heaven was won,
Giving His life when crucified for our wicked ways
Jesus shed His blood that we may have eternal days.

What a friend is our Jesus who hung on that cross,
What comfort when life's angry seas churn and toss,
A good Shepherd He is when we are lost and stray
And our savior is the way to salvation when we pray.

No other has or ever will love you as much as Jesus
He suffered unbearable torment for the love of us,
He perished so we may join Him one day in the sky,
Jesus bled so we may meet in Heaven by-and-by.

I'm thinking today of a tarnished cross far away
Stained by the Son's blood that flowed that day,
In profound prayer I thank God for the sacrifice,
With profound love I thank Jesus for the price.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 04-27-09

Song title: "Great Speckled Bird"

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