Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

The Father created the heaven's and Earth
He is the judge of humankind's final worth,
He gave his son Jesus to lead us to salvation,
God alone is The Maker of all creation.

God made Paradise For the saved to dwell in
And sacrificed His son to cleanse our sin,
I believe there is an Eden where believers go,
I believe there is a Heaven and a Hell below.

I believe guardian angels watch over us all
And I'm sure they protect the innocent small,
Angels fly the heavens with snow-white wings
And they lovingly attend to all spiritual things.

I believe God made the forests full of trees,
The valleys and mountains, a calming breeze,
I believe God created deep oceans and seas
And everything in the world we feel or see.

I believe God grows the child and every rose
And there is not one of us He doesn't know,
God gave the rolling prairies and plains wide
And in each of us His merciful love abides.

I believe God created all the streams that flow
And cold nights with winds that blow and snow,
God made summer breezes and winter freezes
And spring flowers with sunshine that pleases.

I believe God made fragrant flowered meadows
And gives solace to those in life's dark shadows,
Our Father hears each and every prayer prayed,
I believe God forgives the mistakes we've made.

I believe God sees each teardrop we sadly shed
And hears the cry of the sick and suffering in bed,
We will not be laden with more than we can bear
For at our end God loves and comforts us there.

Beloved wait for us at that princely pearly gate
I believe a reunion in Heaven is our divine fate,
I believe we'll be taken home to God someday
If we live by the Bible and follow Christ's way.

God created the past, the future and present,
We should not decide why or what He meant
But on faith let God into our hearts and lives,
His way is the only way, anyone eternally survives.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 11-13-03

Song title: "Where There Is Faith"

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