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No Charge

No Charge by Kenneth Ellison with artwork of Robert Meyers


Your mansion is like no other
It has no charge for the cover,
It lies in paradise and waits
Just inside those Pearly-Gates.

There's no charge for God's love
No fee to enter Heaven above,
Lord Jesus paid all that was due
As He died on the cross for you.

Just ask to receive God's grace
And dwell in that heavenly place,
In prayer He will make you pure
And there is no cost for the cure.

Cries for redemption are heard
God heeds your every word,
You have only to pray to Him,
To be freed of a life so dim.

From the dark enter His light
Don't fret sleepless at night,
Be loosed of the evils that bind,
Leave your bothers behind.

Don't let your salvation waste
Return to The Savior in haste,
A lost soul cannot be replaced
But is saved by God's grace.

Enjoy life the Christian way
Don't delay another day,
Lift sad eyes to God and pray,
Your heart knows what to say.

Jesus is where you must start
To mend your wounded heart,
The Father will forgive your sin
And soon you'll be smiling again.

In this harsh world nothing is free,
Nothing but paradise eternally,
Forever the joy when time is through
And the toll to Heaven is free to you.

Ascension Into Heaven By Robert Meyers

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 11-24-03

Song title: "Our God Reigns"

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