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Fleeting Time by Kenneth J Ellison

Fleeting Divide

Our lives like the seasons pass so fast
From first baby breath until the last,
Measured in heartbeats is time on Earth,
How swiftly we grow old from birth.

The time here we are endowed to spend
Is but a wisp of fog gone with the wind,
Our life like one leaf in a forest of trees
So quickly taken by an easy breeze.

Born innocently pure, free from worldly sin
Baby steps are taken, life's race we begin,
We must run life's gauntlet from start to end
And we need Jesus with us to defend.

Many will not take any steps to ensure
That through all barriers they will endure,
Trusting themselves to the end of the trail
Believing they will never falter or fail.

Some conceive there is no need for hurry
They believe there is no reason to worry
But heartbeats are drumming away time
With hardship mountains yet to climb.

From childhood until our heavenly home
We must not attempt the journey alone
For troubles are many and the way long
And temptations lead from right to wrong.

Our journey of life can be tempest-tossed
With troubled waters that must be crossed
And hidden dangers lurk all along the way
That can finish our walk on any given day.

We must face the unthinkable and realize
Not all of us will live long fulfilling lives,
For some their journey will end too early
And they will not see those gates so pearly.

Heaven waits for no one without Jesus,
Those pearly-gates will not open for us,
If we use our given time traveling alone
We may realize to late our time is gone.

The window of salvation can quickly close
As the final flicker of life fleetly goes
And we may not have precious time to pray
Before our ashes become earthen clay.

Our lifespan as a grain of sand on the shore
So easily washed away under the seas roar,
Our breath as fickle as the gusty gale wind
That began with a loud cry can quickly end.

From childhood we must walk in God's light
And before our day's become eternal night
Realize that precious time is fleeting away,
The clock is ticking, now is the time to pray.

Fleeting Divide

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 10-25-03

Song title: "Keeper of the Stars"

Performed by: Margi Harrell

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