Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

~*~Where Lilacs Grow~*~

Yonder dayspring 'tween hilly peaks
Creeps, it's softness brazenly speaks,
Nay not as a cheery dawning morning,
But shrills again a day of mourning.

Let not the dawning crest yon faint hills
To hush the sad wails of whippoorwills,
We weep for me, the brokenhearted
For my lifelong love hath departed.

Stay the darkness that I cannot see
Her perfumed pillow aside me,
Linger you willowy shadows of night
Yet soothe me before breaking light.

Alas the sunrise glow, I have not slept
Lost in horrors of this day I've wept,
How fleeting hollow hours sped away,
Grief-stricken I lay love down today.

Lord above in love ease my sorrows
Abide with me through thy tomorrows,
Quell the swell of anguish in my chest,
Ere I place love for eternal rest.

Take her Lord she is mine no more
As I lay her shrouded nigh the moor,
Keep her to thee in tender embrace,
Let her see tears stream my face.

Whisper to her of my love undying
For she hears not mournful crying,
Oh Father! My heart breaks this day,
Gravely I am hurt to put love away.

I stumble after pallbearers carrying
Followed by family grievers tarrying,
Well-wishers string out in a sobbing row,
We take my love where the lilacs grow.

I murmur ashes to ashes, dust to dust,
I commend her spirit Father as I must,
Keep her Lord God in Heaven with you,
I promise to come as my time is through.

Fate is sealed with the placing of a stone
For the rest of my life I'll be lonely alone,
I will keep flowers where the lilacs grow,
Pretty roses for her, sleeping just below.

Come! Visit me willowy shadows of gloom
Witness my weeping in a cold bedroom,
Hear my muffled sobs as I writhe in bed
With her perfumed pillow over my head.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 03-09-09

Song title: "Baloo, My Boy"
(Lady Anne Bothwell's Lament)

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