Choices by Kenneth J Ellison

Various choices are made everyday
Some we pursue and others toss away,
Some are trivial presenting not a care
But the bad breeds grief and despair.

Decisions decided have consequences
Setting in motion a chain of sequences
And choices made throughout your life
May give delight or years of strife.

What you say or do is heard and seen
And bears on everyone from tot to teen
Including your spouse and family dear,
They learn by what they see and hear.

Pray before crucial choices enslave
Some can hinder you to the grave,
Be with Jesus before you say or do,
Pray over the outcome it brings you.

Selections set which paths we walk
Through deeds done or merely talk,
Beware the trails thorny and winding,
Decisions made can be ever binding.

Listen to your scruples inside voice
God implanted to help with choice,
You shouldn't act on a shady thought
Before into it prayer you've brought.

Your choice may alter lives forever,
Splitting apart or bringing together
So include God in which you choose
And you will not falter or ever lose.

God will help with choices you make
To avoid tribulations and heartache,
Trust The Father to advise you right,
Keep your footprints within His light.

Call in The Savior your lifetime through
Seek His counsel on what to say or do,
He'll walk with you on the path all along,
Telling your heart what's right or wrong.

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©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 09-02-03

Song title: "God Will Make A Way"

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