I Will Sing Now

I Will Sing

In a country church as a scruffy kid I sang
On Sunday morning my voice loudly rang,
Rejoicing In the spirit I sang with flair there
In a youths voice that would unevenly blare.

The flock stared with an eyebrow raised
At the solitary child that so loudly praised
And I never knew if they liked my singing
Or was just annoyed by their ears ringing.

Those old golden gospels from the past
That gave a little boy joy will ever last,
I yet hear the sounds of church long ago,
That music is in my soul forever I know.

On my long journey with Jesus I'll sing,
A gospel hymn lifts my low spirit to wing,
The higher I sing the closer I feel to God
Though some think my voice slightly odd.

If I can sing or not is still in dispute today
But it sounds sweet to me so what to say?
Move over or sing along with me friend,
Walk out of range or let voices blend.

For God's glory I will sing from the heart
In my life gospels will always be a part,
One at morning starts my workaday right
And a prayer with song gives peace at night.

Lord Jesus, how beautiful the name in song,
Lord Jesus forever glorious in a singalong,
Precious Savior from the heart with emotion
In adoration we sing our unending devotion.

Jesus for my lifetime I will sing you praises
Until the day I'm pushing up daisies
And when I am hushed from song or prayer
I will meet you up in the air somewhere.

I Will Sing

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 07-30-09

Song title: "Just A Closer Walk With Thee"

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