Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Prayer For Salvation

Heavenly Father I humbly pray your heed,
I kneel to you a lost child, a sinner in need.
Forgive my transgressions, cleanse me of sin,
Bless me God, free this sinner to anew begin,
Bright your sacred light that I might bide within.
Holy Redeemer when my life is no more
I pray you soar my soul to Heaven's door.
I plead your forgiveness my worldly way
So I come to you forever my final day,
You are the living God, the only true way.
Father, I accept you as my only Savior,
I believe you are the Divine Creator.
I believe your son was arisen from dead.
I believe the Bible a book to be read.
Cleanse me Father make me pure as new
Forgive me, I surrender my life unto you.
In the name of Jesus I pray, amen-amen.


I will pray each day.
I will study the Bible ways.
I will attend a church of choice.
I will spread the words God voiced.
I will have love and compassion for all.
I will be a Christian example to recall.
I go forth as a sinner no more,
On my journey to Heaven's door.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 08-18-03

Song title: "Just As I Am"

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