Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors


Down the hall, last door on the right
My bed sits in early dawn light,
I am alone but for family around,
Fearfully alone as angels surround.

Life's mountains I hesitantly climbed,
I struggled through valleys one at a time,
It has seemed so brief, this life's flight
Now journeys end for me is in sight.

Black velvet darkness shrouds my bed
Dear loved ones bow their heads.
Weep not for me but for those that remain,
For those that know not God's name.

Life's path at my Mothers' womb did begin
Just a single breath and now it ends.
Life's light slowly flickers and fades
But a moment on earth then my grave.

Death be not proud, come to cloak me now
As dear mother soothes my weary brow,
I welcome you with failing arms open wide
Welcome death my friend, welcome inside.

I hear the soft rustling of angel wings
As the whisper of swirling leaves
Wafted on a crisp autumn breeze,
They rise me tenderly with ease.

Make haste, make haste angels flight
Loft me quickly to that comforting light,
Lift my spirit on snow white wings,
Sing me home angels of God, sing!

©Written By: Kenneth J. Ellison 04-15-03

Song title: "Amazing Grace"

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