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Heavenly Homes by Kenneth Ellison

When tomorrows are no more
And we soar for Heaven's door,
We'll gather at the pearly-gates
Where The Father in glory waits.

Our homes will be ready for us
Arranged by the Savior Jesus,
We'll dwell in mansions in the sky
When we journey home by and by.

How wonderful that day will be
When Heaven opens for us to see
Starlit mansions on golden shore
Where we'll rejoice forevermore.

God's angel bands will loudly play
As we celebrate that glorious day
When heavenly portals swing wide
To bring the saved flock inside.

Missed loved ones we hold so dear
With happiness will merrily cheer
To welcome us to a brand-new home
Where they have waited for so long.

Kinfolks missed will be kissed
As we make merry in their midst,
Joy unspeakable will fill our hearts
As eternal life in paradise starts.

There will be angel choirs singing,
Welcoming bells will be ringing,
Oh what jubilation there will be
As The Savior delivers you and me.

In beautiful mansions we will nest
When we cross to our final rest,
The Fathers reward is awaiting us,
Sanctified by the blood of Jesus.

"Heavenly Homes"

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 05-01-05

Song title: "Dromore"

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