Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I was born an innocent child,
A sweet baby meek and mild,
When this world I entered in
I was guiltless and free of sin.

But a sinful world changed me
I am not who I wanted to be,
While I grew my sins did too,
Until I'm someone I never knew.

I went a way that led me astray,
Spiraling into moralities decay
And now I yearn to return home,
No more from you Lord to roam.

Lord take me into your embrace
Caress this sinner's weary face,
Wash me clean and remake anew,
Precious Lord in the image of you.

Heal this frail vessel of clay I pray
Take my burdens that heavy weigh,
Take my arms that reach with trust ,
Remold my soul of scattered dust.

Lord mend my hurting heart today
Chase all my darkened days away,
Let your bright light shine through,
Holy Father I want to be like you.

Take my tired eyes filled with tears
Let me see a path through the years,
Dwell within me Father all the while,
Rebirth the innocence of your child.

Take this soul and make me whole
I surrender my all to your control,
Lord I will strive to be just like you,
The only perfection this world has knew.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 10-22-07

Song title: unknown to me

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