Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I've had the hard road of a vagabond stranger
Through perilous valleys of soul losing danger,
I've climbed grim mountains to try Satan's side
Ever sinning in darkness on a Damnation slide.

I sampled wine from the vine of the Devil
In shadowy evils and temptations I'd revel,
I ran in wickedness to the end of life's rope,
Till salvation for me was a lost sinners hope.

I brimmed with shame on a cold dire shore
Before the ocean of sin and it's unholy roar,
Hopeless and helpless guilt-ridden tears pour,
I tremble to think I'll not see Heaven's door.

As I looked before me and I looked behind
The Inferno was waiting for a sinner so blind,
A perpetual home of brimstone in Hell's fire
Was seething for me as I sank in sins mire.

I've wallowed in the ocean of sin many years
Now I'm marooned in deep fears and tears,
In surrender I cried out and sank to my knees
Pleading in prayer Father forgive me please!

Then God built a bright bridge over sins ocean,
He made a safe crossing with perfect devotion,
He lifted me up when I was down and broken
And forgave my sins with loving words spoken.

Soft whispers to me said I was never alone
Then God lit the path for me to come home,
When the burdens of sin could never be colder,
A merciful God cast the load off my shoulder.

I swam the ocean of sin to a shore of quicksand,
I was chained in despair as Satan held my hand,
But God shattered the shackles of evils disgrace
And built a grace bridge home, to His loving embrace.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 12-05-07

Song title: "Dark Isle"

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