Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

The Lord's salvation ship is loading
Cheerful Christians are boarding,
Soon to weigh anchor and sail away,
Bound for a home in Heaven today.

They're sailing off to glorious places
See the beaming smile on their faces,
Shangri-la gleams on celestial shore
Where they shall dwell forevermore.

A one-way passage the voyage will be
And the ticket to Paradise is free,
Jesus perished on the cross at Calvary
Ensuring safe Journey too eternity.

A band of angels will tend the ship
When Earth's boundary they slip
Sailing on a sky ship through stars
With Jesus that bears their scars.

The captain is Lord and Master
That navigates to the hereafter,
An archangel will steer at the helm
Sailing steady forth to God's realm.

Packed luggage they will not need
As God's breath gives them speed,
Crossing will be as the blink of an eye
To the Promised-Land in starlit sky.

Soon that gangplank will be raised,
Christian's in awe will be amazed,
Astonishment and wonder are in store
As they sail away from troubled shore.

At journeys end their ship will moor
by golden shore near Heaven's door
And pearly gates will swing open wide
To welcome new angels home to bide.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 05-25-05

Song title: "The Power Of God"

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