Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

The child in me returns again
To a small house clad with tin
And a wooden box by the stove,
Oh the sweet memories it wove.

Late at night as the family slept
Into the kitchen I quietly crept
And in the moonlight's soft glow
I sat spellbound by an old radio.

For hours I sat with my ear near
To hear songs of faith more clear,
Soaring on a spiritual music flight,
Gospel songs filled me with delight.

I would quietly pat my bare feet
To rhythms of the hymns beat,
Humming along with choirs of old
As they sang those words of gold.

Songs of Heaven's glory were sung
And on every sweet word I hung
Until wee hours of the morning
I was in harmony softly humming.

Songs of worship filled my head
Until I knew it was time for bed
And although it was time to go,
I dreaded turning off that radio.

Old gospel hymns from long ago,
Beautiful voices from that radio,
Memories yet sing through my mind
Lifting this wearied spirit of mine.

I'm grown now and on my own
And problems can be full blown
But when worries get out of hand
I listen to a gospel music band.

I recall memories of me long ago
And that wonderful old radio,
Precious memories of God's child
In a world when times were mild.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 05-27-05

Song title: "Precious Memories"

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