Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Sometimes the trail-way is stony
And the stone-cold truth lonely,
A walk through time can be long
When the truths of life is wrong.

When the hurting in life is strong
The perfect truth is that's wrong,
Though the pain is undeniable true
It's wrong to be pushed through.

As everything becomes heartache
And every remedy tried a mistake
That's truth rising to an awful plane
But it's wrong living with pain.

When truths tide forms a prison
And waters of trouble has risen
It's wrong to shed tears of doubt,
A weeper alone is not that stout.

Often the thief of good is Hell sent
And the ambusher delivers torment,
Truths of evil can harden as a shell
But it's wrong abiding the hell.

It's wrong to be mired in sorrows,
Drifting through murky tomorrows
But the lurking threat in truth is real
When we allow thoughts to steal.

Created in worried minds sometimes
Is a thorny trail that twist and winds,
We suppose the worst in each situation
And become victims of imagination.

Whether from within or from out
The truth is maladies come about,
We create or take as they come along
But tolerating them is wrong.

Lord Jesus The Savior of humankind
Can renew a worriers peace of mind,
The gospel is He will bear heartaches
And forgive forever all mistakes.

In hard times accept The Lord's truth
Or endure the misery hopelessly aloof,
The promise is in His nail-scarred hand,
Your soothing grace is already planned.

The Father insist we pray to The Son
And deliver the sum of burdens as one,
It would be wrong to oppose God's will
In truth He loves us still.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 02-14-10

Song title: "Here To Comfort You"

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