Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Heavenly Healer by Kenneth J. Ellison

There is a merciful healer
For any devout believer,
There is a doctor on call
That can salvage us all.

There is never a charge
For humankind at large
And no waiting in line
For this doctor divine.

You don't need insurance
To receive blest assurance
And no suffering to endure
Before your miracle cure.

There is no diagnosis or X-ray
He will heal you right away,
As quick as the blink of an eye
Heartache ends and tears dry.

A specialist of body and soul
This doctor makes you whole,
He can heal your body offhand
And set the soul for glory-land.

The Almighty healer for us
Is the Deliverer Lord Jesus,
Pray for a miracle in His name
And prayers will not be in vain.

He will rid you of ills and woe
And you will see that rainbow
For God is the healer of us all
And the doctor is always on call.

You can visit the doctor this hour
His love is the healing power,
Jesus knows all you suffer through
And He will bear the pain for you.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 07-13-05

Song title: "White As Snow"

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