Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Lord I've become feeble and old,
My hair is silver, no longer gold
And soon eternal rest will claim me
But Holy Father I've one last plea.

For a few precious days let me wait
Before I enter Heaven's gate,
God grant me just a little while
Before I journey that final mile.

Some childlike favors I pray of you
Before my lifetime is through,
Simple matters of a failing heart
Before a journey home can start.

Before I lie where the wild ones grow
Let me smell the fragrance of a rose,
Let me hear songbirds cheerfully sing
And chimes of distant bells ring.

Let me feel the warmth of a sunray
Upon my face before I go away,
Let me gaze at the black velvet sky
As shooting stars flash quickly by.

Let me watch a glorious sunrise
As heavens open before my eyes,
Lord create me a special sunset
With brilliant colors not seen yet.

God you created a world of pleasures
With beauty beyond any measures,
Give me the joy of favored ones made
Before my life flickers and fades.

I want to hold my children with love
Before I'm flown to Heaven above
And say I love them just once more
Before I enter your kingdom door.

Let me hold my wife in final embrace
And kiss the tears from her face,
Lord give her strength to carry on
And ease her grief when I am gone.

Touch my eyes that I clearly see
Loved ones gathered around me,
Give me breath to say goodbye
And the courage to bear their cry.

Lord let me linger at Heaven's gate
For a few precious days let me wait
Then in jubilation I will skyward fly
To my eternal home in the sky.

©Written By: Kenneth J. Ellison 06-20-05

Song: "Neil Gow's lament for the death of his second wife"

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