Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

We're alone in a beautiful home,
The children are grown and gone,
There's no obligations to speak of
And our family is filled with love.

We retired in excellent health
And saved a sizeable wealth,
We live in comfort with ease
And travel whenever we please.

The nest egg we managed to save
Is ample to last beyond our grave,
We have some fine cars to drive
And our lifestyle fairly thrives.

Our marriage is built on trust
And our love-life is very robust,
I love my wife and she loves me
And that's how it always will be.

I look at what I have and have not
Taking stock of the things I've got
And I should be happy but I'm not,
There seems something I've forgot.

Life is filled with worldly things
But no happiness do they bring,
In my home love and respect bide
But I have an emptiness inside.

Then my wife brought me to Jesus
Who died on the cross for us,
We prayed together that blest hour
And I felt the love in His power.

Now The Lord is first in my life
I grow in His work with my wife,
My fulfillment has come to pass
And I have true happiness at last.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 07-04-05

Song title: "High Fairy Lullaby"

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