Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I've been a sinner so long
All of my life doing wrong,
There's no sin left undone,
I am an unworthy one.

My sins are many and great,
I think for me it's too late,
I'm unworthy of God's grace
I'll never see Heaven's place.

Surely God would not forgive
The life I've chose to live,
I am bound for damnation,
A victim of my own creation.

There's no hope for me I'm lost,
The Father will exact His cost,
For the sinful way I've lived
Would He with mercy forgive?

I'd pray but would He hear?
I'm doomed forever I fear
For terrible things I've done
Serving only the Satanic one.

I am unworthy to Heaven rise
When forever I close my eyes,
When my life comes to it's end
My soiled soul will not ascend.

If only God would forgive my sin
Purifying the defiled soul within,
Cleanse making me whole again
My journey for Heaven to begin.

God loves me as I am they say
But I've been fearful to pray,
For my wickedness is there any
Forgiving of sins so many?

The Bible says how God loves me
And hears every prayer and plea,
That from The Father of creation
I can receive eternal salvation.

Believers say it's never to late
To change ones dreaded fate,
I must trust God to forgive my sin
As I kneel and invite Him in.

I will pray now, my hour is late,
I pray to enter Heaven's gate,
God and I will know my worth
When I depart this sinful Earth.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 08-04-05

Song title: "Yes I Know"

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