Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Friends and family think it odd
That I'm not closer to God
But by now they should know
I'm a busy soul on the go.

Someday I'll make it all right
I'll pray in earnest each night,
I'll stand in God's good grace
When life isn't such a fast pace.

There's always plenty of time
At least in my way of mind
To say some prayers divine
Thus saving this soul of mine.

I'll start going to church one day
On some splendid Sunday,
But at this time it would interfere,
Maybe I can begin next year.

One day I'll study the Bible long
And praise The Lord in song
I'll memorize scriptures and verse
But the timing couldn't be worse.

Soon I'll start doing Christian deeds
Helping the downtrodden with needs,
I'll help spread the gospel all around
When my hectic pace slows down.

Someday I'll become religious
And join in with the righteous
Just as soon as I'm possibly able
And things are a bit more stable.

But I'm a busy person on the go,
I'll worry later about my soul
Besides there is plenty of time,
I'm a person in their prime.

My sands of time ran out tonight,
I didn't see the truck on the right,
I died in a wreck on the highway
And I didn't have time to pray.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison: 07-26-05

Song title: "My Yielded Heart"

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