Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors
Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

They held a meeting in the woods
Behind where the church stood,
They were singing out hallelujah's,
Shouting don't let the devil get you.

Preacher was teaching God's word,
Lots of loud amen's could be heard
From the charged up congregation
Sitting in nature's divine creation.

Very near a gnarly hollow stump
By a blackberry thicket clump,
Sister Fannie sat with eyes agog,
Her ample rump spread over a log.

All of a sudden it came dashing out
Little beady eyes darting about
And just as sister Fannie arose
The fuzzy critter climbed her hose.

She yelped grabbed and scratched
And fell into the blackberry patch,
"It ran up my dress" she loudly cried,
While the flock watched wide-eyed.

Eyes rolled as she twisted her face,
The critter found a hiding place,
She tore off clothes to bare skin
To remove the varmint from within.

Mostly naked as the day of birth
Fannie sprinted for all her worth,
Wildly screeching with all her might
As her rear view went out of sight.

They still have meetings in the woods
But Fannie won't come it's understood,
The outdoor meetings she can't abide
And will only come if they're inside.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 11-28-04

Song title: "Sweeter As The Days Go By"

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