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Searching for God by Kenneth J Ellison



I looked for the God of creation
Seeking my eternal salvation,
It has been my lifelong quest
To be mercifully by grace blest.

I sought His grace everywhere
Vainly searching in despair,
But in no earthly place did I find
This Savior to ease my mind.

I studied the worlds religions
Hoping to see a grand vision
Of just where God might be
But His holiness eludes me.

I've searched for God in mind
But He evades me every time,
Thoughts cannot make clear
Why The Creator is not here.

I sought God from preachers
And world famous teachers,
I sought from priest and rabbi
But God has passed me by.

I read the Bible and many books
And pilgrimage journeys I took,
Searching for God in every place
But in none did I find His grace.

I searched holy places and shrines
Looking for The Master's signs
But at the instant I feel He nears
His fleeting presence disappears.

In despair I fell to my knees in prayer
Crying out "God are you anywhere?"
Suddenly a bright light gave me a start,
The warmth of His love filled my heart.

I realized God had been there each day
Waiting patiently for His child to pray,
I could have easily felt His spirit within,
If with a prayer I had ask Him in.

©Written By: Kenneth J. Ellison 11-06-04

Song title: "Oh Lord You Are Beautiful"

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