Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Once I was adrift steeped in sin
I had no purpose burning within,
My soul was lost to worldly ways
Then I found out that Jesus saves.

It lay on the table coated by dust
Inside I knew were words of trust,
The tattered Bible given long ago
Was for a perfect reason I know.

My cherished grandmother is gone
But she knew to God I'd be drawn
So she left her Bible not much to see
But the reason was beautiful to me.

The old family Bible willed to me
Opened tired eyes that I may see,
The sinful path I was drifting down
Would never take me Heaven bound.

I read that frayed Bible every day
Then from my knees I would pray,
I prayed God make me pure again
As a reborn child innocent of sin.

For the first time in all my years
My mind is free I know no fears,
The shackles of sin are cast aside
And in my heart the Lord abides.

Jesus washed all my sins away
I'm a happier person every day,
I walk the bright side of the road
No longer leaden by a sinners load.

The old family Bible saved my soul
The gospel showed the path to go,
I had to kneel before I could rise
A forgiven soul in God's eyes.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 01-01-05

Song title: "In The Sweet By And By"

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