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Life's Railway by Kenneth Ellison



Life's journey is a one-way track
Always forward, never back,
As you're born the journey begins
And you must travel until it ends.

From a newborn's first faint cry
Until uttering a farewell goodbye
Time is long to your journeys end
With tribulations at every bend.

Temptation around will surround
And bothers all about will abound
As you travel along life's railway
With eyes fixed on judgment day.

There are hard mountains to climb
And thru dark valleys you'll wind
So keep a firm hand upon the Bible
And your trust in God unshakable.

As you move to the end of life's story
Hold steady the track in God's glory
Precious Savior will lead you through
Any crooked rails lying before you.

Hardships can wrap as a thorny vine
And enticements flow as heady wine,
Sins tempt as the rails bend and twist
But in the grace of God you can resist.

Keep your restless eyes on the rails,
Keep trust in Jesus who never fails,
Raise unsure hands clasp in prayer,
The Holy Engineer will get you there.

Life's tracks always twist and wind
But Jesus won't leave a soul behind,
Believers who accept his scarred hand
Will board a love train to Glory-Land.

Life is like a long mountain railroad
We must ride to our heavenly abode
And you will never falter or look back
If you hold full throttle on God's track.

©Written By: Kenneth J. Ellison 08-26-05

Song title: "Life's Railway"
Performed By: Wille Nelson and Patsy Cline

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