Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Pandemonium by Kenneth Ellison



I went to the church to pray
Worried about judgment day,
I went to a church in the valley
Hoping my spirits to rally.

I opened the door to let me in
Needing to wash away my sins,
To my surprise before my eyes
There was jubilation on the rise.

They were shout 'in hallelujah cries
And wave 'in hands to the skies,
There was dancing in the aisles,
Some were cry 'in, some had smiles.

The preacher man was railing
On the congregations failings
As he wiped sweat from his brow,
Yelling God redeem us now!

The piano player shook the rafters
While they sang of the hereafter,
She was rock 'in the congregation
As she prayed for her salvation.

Everyone was running about
Shout 'in "drive the devil out"
While the choir with voices high
Sang of the sweet by and by.

The Holy Spirit began to move
And I was get 'in in the groove,
I dropped down to my knees
And God's grace came over me.

I was purified and sanctified
My salvation was ratified
Here at this church in the glen,
God washed away my sin.

©Written By: Kenneth J. Ellison 09-06-05

Song title: "Take A Moment And Live"

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