Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Until Then by Kenneth Ellison



Loved ones have passed away
But live in joy with God today
And the anguish we are living in
With time will ebb and end.

In Heaven they'll live on forever
And one day we'll be together
So don't grieve to long your loss,
Lay your grief before the cross.

Dear ones are waiting up there,
Above in Heaven somewhere,
And we will all gather someday
Far beyond the Milky-Way.

Some glad morn we'll embrace,
Through the far stars is a place
Where loves have gone on before
And patiently wait at Eden's door.

Living with heartache we are here
And we yearn for loved ones dear
Who yearn for us to come along
And rejoice in their jubilant throng.

Yes we call out to those we love
When we pray to Father above,
Heartbroken we cry their names
Only raising our mourning pains.

Anguished we mournfully grieve
Our loved ones when they leave,
Deeply we weep for love that's died
But remember in Heaven they bide.

They are by far happier than we are
In that brilliant place past the stars,
In bliss they thrive and eternally will
While we struggle to climb each hill.

A grand reunion day is coming along
With God be strong it won't be long,
We'll be with them The Bible is clear,
Until then mourn us, we're still here.

©Written By: Kenneth J. Ellison 09-13-05

Song title: "In The Hallow Of His Hand"

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