Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Come unto me child, I await
I have opened the gate,
Your way to me is clear,
I am waiting for you here.

I have broken Satan's lock
To receive you to my flock,
The way is shown to enter in
Let your walk to me begin.

I have pointed you the way
To Heaven's eternal days,
I have lit the pathway home,
How long will you stay gone?

I have given you biblical maps
To avoid pitfalls and traps,
The path is straight and true
That I've laid from me to you.

I am the keeper of Heaven's key
There is eternal life through me,
I have given you the way to take
And I'm waiting at the gate.

I am your Savior and salvation,
I await you child of creation,
I have shown you the way home
And Heaven's light is ever on.

My inspirations you have heard
You have the Bible as my word,
Your mansion in paradise waits
Inside Heaven's Pearly-Gates.

I await you with arms to embrace,
You are pure In Father's grace,
Begin your walk to me today
For I have clearly shown the way.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 12-18-05

Song title: "Yes I Know"

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