Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I've walked the Devil's highway
With many stops along my way,
Drinking deep the wicked wine
And savoring sins from his vine.

I dined with the Devil each day
Gorging from temptations tray
While he spun his web of deceit,
My life crumbled at his feet.

I've tasted from Satan's platter
Until I'm wasted by the matter,
Bitter the fruit from his plate,
His nectars but tempting bait.

My youthful years are wasted
While the sinners life I tasted,
The guilt carried a heavy load
As I faltered on Satan's road.

Satan's road is tricky and winding
His ways of sin eternally binding,
To travel his road there is a toll,
The fee would be my stained soul.

I've drank deep of Satan's well
Along his perverted road to Hell
But in my worried mind I know
Father alone still loves me so.

Now I stand at life's crossroad
Praying away my sinner's load,
No more will Satan's road I trod,
I turn my footsteps toward God.

The Redeemer was my salvation,
The road away from damnation,
His eternal love will guide my way
As I travel The Lord's highway.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 12-05-05

Song title: "Near The Cross"

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