Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Worry And Wonder

When I face judgment day
Will my free spirit fly away?
Will I rise to heavenly sky?
And that sweet by-and-by.

Will I get wings of snow-white
And as an angel take flight?
Will I wear a starry crown?
When I lay my burdens down.

When Gabriel's trump sounds
And I've slipped these bounds,
Will pearly-gates swing wide
To welcome this soul inside?

Will I hear those golden bells ring
And harping angels softly sing?
Will there be a reunion for me?
With loved ones I yearn to see.

When Jesus gathers sheaves
And it's time for me to leave
Will He clasp me to his breast
And carry me to eternal rest?

Will I soar to peaceful shore
Freed from trials evermore?
When the great rapture begins
Will my cleansed soul ascend?

I've pondered hard and long
If Heaven will be my home,
I'm saved from sin and yet
About going I fearfully fret.

I worry and wonder about going
But it's foolish doubts I'm sowing,
I shouldn't fret over getting to go,
'Cause I know God loves me so.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 09-22-05

Song: Will There Be Any Stars In My Crown?

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