Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

They are waiting for you there,
They stand ready everywhere,
Across every city and tiny town,
They are It's shining crown.

On the hilltop or nestled in glen
They wait to welcome you in,
Big or small, they are the same,
Blest and sanctified in God's name.

On a corner or down the street
Are houses where people meet,
Houses of our Lord and Master,
Opening doorways to the hereafter.

They stand in splendor on river shore
Or as hovels in neighborhoods poor,
Some feature steeples to the sky,
Others scarcely noticed passing by.

Churches poor or churches grand
They've been blest by God's hand,
They're divine havens to each of us
Seeking comfort in the arms of Jesus.

Doors are open to the public at large
And it's free, there is never a charge,
It doesn't matter which one you go to,
Christian fellowship is waiting for you.

Some have churches they call home,
Others have none to which they belong
But whether you be man, woman or child
God's house stands ready all the while.

Church will welcome you with open arms
Offering sanctuary from life's harms
And God is waiting for you just inside,
The beckoning doors are swung wide.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 01-05-06

Song title: Gospel Songs-Medley

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