Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

See what The Lord has done,
The Father's precious son,
He died on the cross for us,
Our Redeemer sweet Jesus.

We are brought into the fold
He purified our stained soul,
Saved by the blood of the lamb,
We're freed from Satan's sham.

From damnation Jesus has saved,
Heaven's highway is golden paved,
He has lit the way to Eden's shore
And gave us life forevermore.

Rejoice in high-spirited jubilation,
Jesus sacrificed for our salvation,
His sacred blood washed us sin free
When He was sacrificed at Calvary.

The crowd watched strangely still
As they raised the cross on the hill,
They crucified our Redeemer Jesus
And He took the sins from all of us.

We were wholly purified and sanctified
The moment our Savior Jesus died,
We were consecrated and dedicated
Instantly redeemed and recreated.

Let the bells ring, let us merrily sing
Let our gladdened hearts take wing
Precious Jesus redeemed us that day,
On a rugged cross, on a hill far away.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 01-09-06

Song title: "What The Lord Has Done"

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