Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

My frail body is failing fast
I'm going to Heaven at last,
Home to God's eternal shore
To know suffering no more.

In this my hour of midnight
My soul shall take It's flight,
Lifting to God in joy it will flee
As death mercifully covers me.

I lie in torment in my bedroom
Above me a winged angel looms,
No more illness or pain I'll know,
Father in Heaven I'm ready to go.

I hear the low mournful sounds
Of grieving family that surrounds,
Over my deathbed they softly wail,
They've come to say farewell.

One by one they utter goodbye
With eyes lowered they cry,
They touch me and softly moan,
Soon to leave me on my own.

Pray for me loved ones dear
I hear angel whispers near,
Mother kiss my weary brow,
Death has come for me now.

With the final beat of my heart
My yearning spirit shall depart,
I will rise to glory somewhere far
Beyond the last shimmering star.

Lord Jesus my lifetime is through
Please take me home with you,
Clutch me to your bosom ever tight,
Carry me through the brilliant light.

©Written by: Kenneth Ellison 12-23-05

Song title: "Just As I Am"

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