Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

In this glade tranquility abounds
Your sacred presence surrounds,
I hear your whispers in the stream,
Your grace covers this serene scene.

Your spirit is in the calming breeze
The gentle rustling of forest leaves.
I feel your tenderness so very near,
Clearly beloved Jesus, you are here.

I came to you as a child in this place
With heavy heart and saddened face,
I saw you thru the eyes of childhood,
You comforted when no other would.

I've wandered the world on a quest
Seeking happiness and spiritual rest
And never remembering all the while
Where I'd found it as a troubled child.

Savior it is here I return to you again
Seeking forgiveness of my worldly sin,
I feel I've fallen away from your grace
And so I return with tear stained face.

Father, I pray for forgiveness this day
For the burdens of my sins heavy lay,
They were many and regrets too few,
Jesus, I am a lost lamb before you.

As a lamb of the flock I beg salvation
I seek again your immortal relation,
Return me to the fold dear Son of God,
No more the world will I sinfully plod.

I kneel to you in this cool forest glade
Let your sacred shadow be my shade,
Jesus, save this sinner meek and mild
Love me now, as when I was a child.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 02-13-06

Song title: "Come By The Hills"

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