Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

When life's journey is finally done
And we've gone to glory one by one,
We cannot hear dear loved ones cry
After we've bid our final goodbye.

We revel in a land of eternal tomorrows
And sounds of joy quiet their sorrows
We feel not the grief nor hear their moan
Over the rejoicing around God's throne.

When our common lives are through
And we yield to The Father his due,
Precious loved ones will gather 'round
To lay us gently in hallowed ground.

But our burial ground resting place
Is only an earthly storage space
To hold our human vessel when we die
As souls rise toward Heaven's sky.

Our loves should not cry but cheer
And dry wet eyes for we're not here,
Saved souls have winged on to glory
As God promised in The Bible story.

We're bound for glory that final hour
As we surrender to a higher power,
So loved ones do not mourn too long,
Angels have merely taken us home.

We've got a mansion on serene shore
And we'll live in happiness evermore,
So pray us on to where Paradise waits
Just inside those Pearly-Gates.

Dearest loved ones, and lifelong friends
Don't grieve long when our soul ascends,
Take heart and let cheerful voices ring,
We wait for you with the King of Kings.

Joyfully we wait for you to join us someday
You know where we are and know the way,
Come to The Lord and then come home to us,
We happily wait with your Savior Jesus.

"Gone To Glory"

©Written By: Kenneth J. Ellison 04-04-06

Song title: "Sweet By And By" (In The)

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