Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

God summoned me the other day
After precious time to pray,
Though dear ones begged me stay,
With deaths angel I winged away.

Among clouds low to tree crown
I'll linger as they lay me down,
They're coming to plant my bones
In this sanctified garden of stones.

A shiny black hearse so fine
Leads the mourners car line,
Glaring headlights are aglow,
They've come to lay me low.

Graced iron gates are open wide,
Grievers bear me tenderly inside,
They carry me to the garden alone,
Now my garden of chiseled stone.

Where departed mortals lie at rest
Dressed in their Sunday best
I'll be lowered into a resting place
As sadness furrows mournful face.

A Reverend will say reverent words,
Among family soft sobs will be heard
And as I'm settled into the cold clay
Pretty flowers will be laid on display.

At the end they will go to their homes
Leaving me in this garden of stones,
If only they could see me wave goodbye
As I wing off to God's Heaven on high.

I bid you farewell dearest hearts,
I know you are pained that I part
But do not grieve for me too long,
I'm waiting for you to come home.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 05-11-06

Song title: "In The Garden"

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