Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

We bravely face hardships every day
Praying to God for a better day
And true to His vow God will provide
Eternal happiness on the other side.

Though tried and troubled we are
We will have a happier life by far
When we voyage through the stars
With Jesus that bears our scars.

One glorious day we will fly away
To Heaven's eternal blissful days,
Trials and troubles will be no more
When at last we reach golden shore.

In the twinkle of a sparrow's eye
We'll go home to Heaven on high,
Up on snow-white wings we'll fly
To that brilliant city in the sky.

When the tree of life has shed it's leaves
And The Shepherd gathers His sheaves
What a wonderful day will come to pass
When Jesus takes us home at last.

Home! Grand is the sound of the word
No sweeter shall ever be heard,
One word that means paradise for us
Consecrated by the blood of Jesus.

Our home in Heaven outshines the sun
It's ready and waiting for everyone,
Be ready brothers and sisters dear
One day we'll simply rise from here.

On glory day we'll be homeward bound
When Gabriel's trump loudly sounds,
We pray and wait for that rapturous day
When precious Jesus will lead the way.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 05-02-06

Song title: "Rivers Of Living Water"

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