You Raise Me Up by Kenneth J Ellison
You Raise Me Up Divide

When burdens on me heavy lie
And despair draws ever nigh
You raise me to a newer high,
Till life's troubles pass me by.

In my journeys darkest time
You let your holy light shine,
Lighting up my stony pathway
To the start of a brighter day.

When I am fallen and broken
I hear your soft words spoken,
Your love lifts me to stand tall,
Caring whispers guide thru it all.

You raise me to mountains peak
Each time I'm weary and weak,
I rise up to soar with new wings
When to your loving hand I cling.

As I've stumbled and tumbled down
You've lifted me to grander ground,
Placing me on the road of right,
Reviving my spirit within your light.

When through turbulent seas I sail
And my waning spirit begins to fail
You calm the waters setting me free
And chart a soothing course for me.

When I'm deep in the pit of despair
I kneel in prayer and you are there,
You raise me to soar like an eagle,
Lifting my hopes to heights regal.

I can feel you heal my broken wings
When life's spears and arrows sting,
Those times I'm hurting deep inside,
You tend wounds and mend my pride.

Many times before you I've kneeled
And each time Father you've healed,
Raising me from depths to clearly see
A trouble-free path that leads to thee.

You Raise Me Up Divide

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 04-23-06

Song title: "You Raise Me Up"
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