Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

You've dwelt in valleys of despair
Wondering why no one was aware,
Mountains of hardships you climbed,
Feeling so alone each dreadful time.

Your heart aches for someone to care
When you want to lay emotions bare,
When troubles lie heavy of shoulder,
You feel the world could be no colder.

As you navigate life's turbulent seas
Deaf ears have turned to your pleas,
When love was needed from someone,
In loneliness you felt there was no one.

You're alone in life's story you believe
Yearning for someone who can relieve,
A friend to guide each footstep you take,
A forgiver for every mistake you make.

You may feel alone but you never are
Just set your gaze upon Heaven's star,
His name is Jesus and He loves you true
There's nothing He won't lead you through.

You've strode along life's stony road
Wishing for someone to share the load
And as you struggled Jesus was there,
Waiting patiently for heartfelt prayer.

If you feel lost and alone you are not,
Jesus the Redeemer you've forgot,
He's the soother of all visited sorrows
And will cheer you for better tomorrows.

Be not afraid for you're never alone,
Pray to Jesus when hope seems gone,
When you are filled with dark despair
The healing love of Jesus is ever there.

"Never More Lonely"

©Written by Kenneth J. Ellison 10-20-06

Song title: "Never Walk Alone" You'll

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