Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

On A Hill Far Away

We've stumbled along God's path
And felt the sting of life's wrath
But each time we've fallen down
Jesus raises us to safer ground.

How pure the sound of His name,
Sweet Jesus, the forgiver of shame
Who died on a hill for our behavior,
Jesus on a cross became our savior.

As we listen to Bible stories told
We treasure those words of gold
Of how God's only son at Calvary
Died on the cross for you and me.

On a bloodied cross of sacrifice
The Son paid our terrible price,
He bled all our dark sins away
On that holy hill one fateful day.

A crown of thorns ringed His head
As His very life blood seeping shed
But a look of love was in His eyes
As ever so slowly He painfully dies.

As blood streaked His weary face
He gazed over the crowded place
And a smile creased His crimson lips
As they lashed with stained whips.

He was looking ahead through time
At the fragile souls of humankind,
He will be the answer to our prayer
And He knew it dying there.

To His nail scarred hands we'll cling
And one divine day hear angels sing
When we go home to be with Jesus,
Who perished on the cross for us.

On A Hill Wooden Cross

©Written by Kenneth J. Ellison 09-02-06

Song title: "Old Rugged Cross"

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