Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

The clock drums tick-tock tick-tock
Time is winding down for the flock,
Soon precious time will be no more
And God will open Heaven's door.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
All time will cease as it must,
With not a whimper or a moan,
As God beckons we'll be gone.

Time, our times are slipping away
Dearest people what can we say?
life, our lives is coming to an end,
Judgment Day is rounding the bend.

The threshold of destiny is nigh,
Our lifetimes flash quickly by,
God will judge us soon one day
On the good or evil of our way.

When no time is left to squander
And the roll is called up yonder
Judgment Day will pass so fleet,
Before we walk on golden street.

Brothers and sisters what's to say?
Time and lives are ticking away,
Pearly-gates wait at Heaven on high,
Last day's are nearing we can't deny.

When the sands of time has sifted
God's children will be swiftly lifted,
We'll slip earthly shackles that bind
Leaving our empty vessels behind.

We'll cry hallelujah thru the stars
As we take flight to Heaven afar,
Where time is endless forevermore
And life eternal on peaceful shore.

Lord God Almighty deliver us all
When at last you mercifully call,
Let angels bring us home to glory
As the book is shut on Earth's story.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 12-07-06

Song title: "Mo Shuil Ad' Dheidh"

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