Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors


Someone has wounded you
Through and through,
Deed's done or word's said
Caused hatred to spread.

Their actions cut as a knife
Troubling your serene life,
Ruthless words spoken
Has left you broken.

You despise for what's done,
Hating them has begun,
Thing's done or said is untrue
And your outrage grew.

With suffering you are filled
But angriness needs stilled,
You're allowing hate to thrive,
Keeping bitterness alive.

To find contentment of heart
Forgiveness you must impart,
For your own peace of mind,
Forgive those unkind.

Give heartache it's conclusion
End worry and confusion,
Words of pardon you must say
To cease your mind's disarray.

Pray for answer's you need,
Stop sowing hatred seed,
Your anger harms only you
And not who it's directed to.

Let God control the situation
For a righteous revelation,
He will reveal to you a way
To forgive those who betray.

Someone has brought you pain
But don't let bitterness remain,
Forgiving is the least you can do,
Think of why Jesus died for you.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 12-20-06

Song title: "Meadow Morn"

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