Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Solitude consumes my golden years
As the finish of my lifetime nears,
Though alone I harbor no fears
My fate lies with God, that's clear.

Reflections of imperfections I see
When I look backward of me
Into yesteryear with memories key,
I consider the person I used to be.

Committed to committing sin I ran
Through a wayward youth's span,
So many wasted years of sins done,
Game's in the name of having fun.

Traveling any ungodly twisted trail
Filled with wickedness without fail,
I performed sins at Satan's request,
Searching for pleasure was my quest.

I played out my youth at Satan's will
Giddily seeking each wild new thrill
Until one fateful day I looked around
And no friend or family could be found.

Deserted by some, despised by many,
Now family or friends I haven't any,
In old age loneliness encircles me,
Only God forgives who I used to be.

The darkness of my youth is gone
But not before leaving me all alone,
If only I could travel back in time,
I would erase each mistake of mine.

But old age has closed time's door
I won't dwell on the past anymore,
God has placed his love in my heart
Until this unforgiving world I depart.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 12-18-06

Song title: "Does Jesus Care?"

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