Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Your world is dark and dingy
In casino's that are stingy,
You pass your waking time
Anywhere you can bet a dime.

You've gambled shooting dice
At poker you paid the price,
On the slot's you've had a go
But don't gamble with your soul.

You've sat at a blackjack table
For as long as you were able,
On roulette you've had spins
But Satan's game you can't win.

You went broke playing keno
And betting horses in Reno,
Lottery tickets fill your pants
While Lucifer laughs and rants.

Money you squandered it all
Hoping lucky chips may fall,
Playing out the Devil's games
As he smirks from the flames.

You borrowed from all you know
Friends and family you owe,
Through your outstretched hand
Money has sifted like sand.

You've gambled all that matters
Your life's work is tatters,
The one thing left is your soul
And it's under Satan's control.

Pray to God for your salvation
He'll save you from damnation,
There is a jackpot you can win,
The biggest there's ever been.

Heaven awaits the big winners,
All the forgiven sinners,
Surrender to God all you've got,
If you want to hit the jackpot.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 01-22-07

Song title: "I Bowed On My Knees"

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